Christy's Bar-B-Que

Giant Idaho Baked Potatoes - Served All Day

#1 Cheese Spud                                                    
      Served with Margarine &
      heaped with Cheddar Cheese.

#2 Dieter's Delight                                                 
      Margarine, Cottage Cheese, Lettuce
      Tomatoes, Bacon Bits, Cheddar Cheese
      Choice of Dressing

#3 Ol` Fashioned                                                   
      Margarine, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream
      Bacon Bits, & Chives

#4 Sauteed Mushroom                                             
      Margarine, Sauteed Mushrooms
      Cheddar Cheese

#5 Broccoli with Cheese                                           
      Margarine, Broccoli &
      Cheddar Cheese

#6 Texan Spud                                                   
      Margarine, Chopped Bar-B-Que
      Beef & BBQ Sauce

#7 El Chicken Spud                                              
      Margarine, Diced Grilled Chicken
      Melted Cheddar Cheese &
      Jalapeno Peppers

#8 Ham & Cheese Spud                                         
      Margarine, Ham & Cheddar Cheese.

#9 Sensational Beef Combo Spud                               
      Margarine, Grilled Beef Brisket
      Grilled Onions & Mushrooms
      Green Peppers, & Melted
      Cheddar Cheese

#10 Chicken Combo Spud                                       
       Margarine, Grilled Chicken Breast
       Grilled Onions & Mushrooms
       Green Peppers, & Melted
       Cheddar Cheese

#11 South of The Border                                       
        Margarine, Chilli & Cheddar Cheese

 Sliced Brisket or Polish Sausage                                
 with one side order

 Bologna or Chopped Beef                                         
 with one side order

 2 Strips Boneless Chicken                                        
 with French Fries

One Size - Free Refills

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi,
Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Teem, Lemonade


Cookies (3)          

Served All Day - Everyday

      Special # 1
            Meat B.B.Que Combo Plate                                 
            Choice of Sliced Brisket, Chopped Beef
             Hot Link, Sausage or Bologna
             Served with 2 Vegetables
             Dinner Roll & Soft Drink

      Special # 2
            Chopped B.B.Q. Beef Sandwich                             
            with one Side Order & Soft Drink

      Special # 3
            Sliced Beef Brisket Sandwich                               
            with one Side Order & Soft Drink

      Special # 4
            Gyro Plate with Rice                                          
            with two Vegetables & Soft Drink

      Special # 5
            1/2 Smoked Chicken Plate w/ Rice                           
            with two Vegetables & Soft Drink

      Special # 6
            1/3 lb. Charburger                                           
            with French Fries & Soft Drink

      Special # 7
            with French Fries & Soft Drink

Sliced Beef Brisket                         

Polish Sausage or Hot Links                

Chopped Beef                               


Slab of Ribs          
    Baby Back

Gyro Meat                                  

By the Pint

Bar-B-Que Beans, Cole Slaw,
Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes

          Potato Salad                 

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